DSHS Nursing Facility Pre-Design

Buckley, WA

A new skilled nursing facility designed to serve aging, developmentally disabled residents seeks Net-zero

  • Benchmarking
  • Net-zero energy pre-design
  • Utility cost-saving estimates for photovoltaic array

The Washington State Department of Health and Human Services engaged the consultant team of Sage Architecture Alliance to develop concepts for a new skilled nursing facility for aging, developmentally disabled residents in State care. Per Governor’s Executive Order 18-01, most new state facilities must be designed to be zero-energy or zero-energy capable. O’Brien360 provided the team with benchmarking information to determine an energy budget for the new facility's high-efficiency options, building design and operational recommendations to achieve this lofty goal. O’Brien360 also leveraged the experience of A&R Solar to develop pre-design phase pricing and utility cost-saving estimates for a large, 1+ MW photovoltaic array required to achieve the net-zero target.