Emerald Cities Building Efficiency Coaching

Seattle, WA

Providing critical building efficiency coaching services for two prominent affordable housing developers committed to improving their buildings' sustainability


  • Portfolio-wide analysis of utility use with WegoWise
  • Onsite building performance assessments
  • Customized scopes of work for building system upgrades and maintenance improvements
  • Creation of easy-to-use maintenance plans

We are excited about the momentum of our building efficiency coaching services, especially our current work with Emerald Cities Collaborative’s RENEW program and seven affordable housing buildings owned by Plymouth Housing and Bellwether Housing.

These two well-known affordable housing developers provide critically needed housing to transitional and workforce residents in Seattle and are committed to optimizing the operations and maintenance of their portfolios to improve the sustainability of their buildings and budgets.

Our team works closely with Emerald Cities by assisting with portfolio-wide analysis of utility use using WegoWise, prioritizing buildings to focus on, conducting onsite building performance assessments, contributing to

customized scopes of work for building system upgrades and maintenance improvements, assisting with the RFP and contractor selection process, and supporting the management and onsite verification of the construction phase for these upgrades. Most importantly, our team is working hand-in-hand with the property managers, resident coordinators, and maintenance staff to create easy-to-use maintenance plans, checklists, and onsite training to ensure lasting savings and resident buy-in with upgrades.