Hopelink Redmond Integrated Services Center

Redmond, WA

Early analysis paves the way for significant energy/maintenance savings for Integrated Services Center


  • LEED® energy modeling
  • Significant energy/maintenance savings
  • Co2 emission reductions
  • Additional LEED points earned

O’Brien360 was engaged by the design team to provide energy modeling services to inform HVAC system selection and LEED-NC energy modeling.  During the design development phase, the study focused heavily on comparing two HVAC system options: 1) Packaged variable air volume (VAV) versus 2) a high-efficiency variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system with dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS). 

Because this analysis occurred early in design, O’Brien360 worked closely with members across the project team including design professionals, contractors, and subs to ensure the systems and performance modeled closely represented a fully designed system.  The analysis illustrated the significant energy/maintenance savings, CO2 emission reductions, and additional LEED points, while a simple financial model revealed an acceptable payback period.