Bardesonno Inn & Spa

Yountville, CA

This sustainably designed, luxurious Hotel and Spa is one of only four U.S. properties at the time of its opening to achieve LEED Platinum®


  • Rammed earth sculptural walls
  • Drought-resistant landscaping
  • Geothermal wells that heat and cool guestrooms and provide hot water
  • Dual-flush toilets
  • Reuse and treatment of gray and black water for irrigation
  • Reusable materials throughout the property

During the construction documents phase Bardessono’s multi-disciplinary team established the goal of achieving LEED certification. To assist the team with this pursuit, O’Brien360 facilitated a four-hour eco-charrette with members of the project team to evaluate the project’s sustainable design features using the LEED for New Construction Rating System.

Results of the charrette indicated the project was a solid candidate for LEED Silver® with minimal adjustments to the current design and that Gold Certification was in reach with some adjustments to cost and design. After the charrette, O’Brien360 performed a detailed LEED analysis of the project based on conversations with team members and independent research.




This report provided an updated scorecard, a detailed explanation of the project’s approach and required actions for each credit, and important next steps to ensure success in pursuing LEED certification. In the end, the project received the highest rating available, LEED Platinum.

O’Brien360 staff also contributed to the development of several innovation credits, including a green housekeeping plan, integrated pest management plan, and education plan.