Stream Fifteen

Seattle, WA

Stream Fifteen is a new, 34-unit mid-rise development in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood targeting LEED Gold® for Mid-Rise Homes


  • Almost exclusive LED lighting design
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures
  • Condensing domestic hot water heaters
  • Green-e Certified power sources to achieve zero net carbon emissions
  • Bike storage to support low carbon commute

This project, targeting LEED Gold for Mid-Rise Homes, incorporates a range of energy and water-efficient systems like the almost exclusively LED lighting design (integrated occupancy sensors in designated areas), ENERGY STAR® rated appliances, low-flow plumbing fixtures and condensing domestic hot water heaters. 

The lobby on level has been naturally ventilated and corridors on levels two and above are being ventilated with un-tempered air.  The project sources all its power through Green-e Certified sources to achieve zero net carbon emissions.  The project has a high walkability score of 91 and provides bike storage to support low carbon commute.