Green Advantage Exam Prep

Bellevue, WA

Green Advantage Certified Associate and Green Advantage Certified Practitioner Exam Prep Courses taught by credentialed instructors with hands-on field experience

  • A variety of learning formats
  • Study resources such as flashcards, practice quizzes
  • Test-taking strategies to help make the information ‘stick’ for the exam

Green Advantage (GA) is an ANSI-accredited national certification program for green building professionals and the only national certification for green builders and remodelers not affiliated with a trade association. More than 3000 building-related practitioners have taken the Green Advantage certification exams, which enable individuals with the designation to market themselves as GACP- or GACA certified and join the database of Green Advantage Certified Practitioners or Green Advantage Certified Associates, respectively.



For more than 15 years, O’Brien360 has designed and delivered green building education courses to equip professionals with the tools and knowledge required to excel in a range of roles. Our credentialed instructors possess a wealth of broad, hands-on field experience, and deliver all courses in active and engaging ways. This exam prep covers core concepts, practical application, and tips for passing the exam. O’Brien360’s GACA and GAC Practitioner Exam Prep courses contain the information needed to pass the exam and apply the tested concepts to your projects in meaningful ways.