HDC Exemplary Buildings

Seattle, WA

A collaborative regional effort targeting the transformation of the affordable housing market


  • Driven by a vision to transform the affordable housing market, today
  • Improving capacity to build ultra-efficient buildings and reduce costs
  • Addressing the urgent need for more development of affordable housing and better environmental regulation

Since 2019, O’Brien360 has been an active member of the Housing Development Consortium’s (HDC) Exemplary Buildings Task Force. The Task Force brings together affordable housing developers architects, contractors, environmental consultants, and other stakeholders dedicated to creating a community in which all people can live with dignity in affordable homes that are comfortable, safe, healthy, and highly efficient.  Through a regional collaborative effort, the HDC Exemplary Buildings program endeavors to transform the affordable housing market by establishing performance standards and building practices that reduce the overall cost of implementing ultra-efficiency to gain a


premium that can be financed through the operational savings generated.  As part of the HDC – Exemplary Buildings Task Force, O’Brien360 and member-partners seek a varied selection of demonstration projects to implement ultra-efficient building concepts across a range of settings. Projects demonstrate opportunities for savings, measure and document results, and advance methods for building affordable housing. The Task Force asks for a commitment from project developers to construct an ultra-efficient building while member-partners provide the needed technical support and funding to ensure that there is no reduction of units produced.