UW Sustainability/LEED Management

Seattle, WA

Representing the sustainability and LEED®  goals of one of the nation’s premier Universities


  • LEED pathways for Multiple Buildings (Seattle Master Site and Group for UW North Campus Housing)
  • Development of Owner’s Project Requirements
  • Review of project documents (Basis of Design, design drawings, specifications)
  • Coordination of LEED scorecards across multiple projects
  • Considering the existing central plant in the design of projects for energy efficiency and LEED
  • On-campus photovoltaic arrays
  • Whole building life cycle assessment (LCA) evaluation
  • Evaluation of health-based rating systems and incorporation of health-based strategies
  • Compiling owner LEED documentation and providing stringent quality assurance reviews of project team documentation

Since the retirement of the previous Sustainability/LEED Manager at the University of Washington in 2016, O’Brien360 has served in that role on a contract basis. Our charge is to represent the University’s sustainability and LEED goals on capital projects across the three university campuses - Seattle, Tacoma, and Bothell. At the time we took over the work, there were a dozen current LEED v3 projects in various stages of design, construction, and certification. All projects are pursuing Gold level certification; two have received LEED Gold, a half dozen are in final stages of certification, and the rest are under construction.